About My Journey

Rising Out of the Ashes

After a tragic motorcycle accident left me a widow and single mother to four amazing children, I was left broken and lost. I was completely shellshocked. I had lost so much. Everything was whirling around in my head, and the death of my soulmate was more than I could bear. I had no idea what to do. I found myself on a spiritual journey where I learned who I was and what I was destined to do.

I searched. I listened. I found people who listened to what I needed. I knew I wanted to be happy again and not pitied. I wanted to be a mother who my children were inspired by. I felt the calling, and I knew I had to help people get through their own grief. I discovered that the handbooks were wrong! There were no written rules about grief. I thought, “I can help!”

Along this journey, I learned that sometimes in life, we need to pause, take a breath, slow down, be kind, and love ourselves. I am now living a life in a way I never had before. I am a different person now. You can’t walk through the grief storm and come out the same person.

So, now I serve people who are searching for their own path, needing a safe place to rest; people who need to heal and be free to explore what comes next. I can help you find your way through the sorrow, anxiety, and fears. I am a Reiki Practitioner, Quantum living advocate, and soul therapist offering Divine inspired readings for loving guidance.

I have an abundance of tools to assist your mind, heart, and soul with healing. I am honored to help save space for you to heal and act as a guide while you maneuver within your new life journey. I am confident that I can help you discover, within yourself, what your true capabilities are and how you can fully put them to use.